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EAA Member Proxy Statement

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You have the option to appoint a proxy to vote for you at the next EAA Annual Meeting by completing the following Statement. Completing this Statement does not in any way preclude your right to appear at any Annual Meeting and vote in person. Your registration to vote in person will automatically revoke your proxy for that meeting.

I, the undersigned member of EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATION, INC. (EAA) hereby appoint Jack Pelton, Dan Schwinn, and Jim Phillips, or any two of them, as my agent and proxy, with full power of substitution by EAA as to each proxy and substitute, to represent and vote my membership in EAA on any and all matters and other business that I am entitled to vote upon while I am a member of EAA, whether at a meeting of EAA members, or any adjournment or postponement of any such meeting, or otherwise. I hereby revoke any and all prior proxies given with respect to my membership in EAA.

I agree to these terms and supply my full name below as my digital signature to this proxy.  

(You must check the above box AND supply your name to make this proxy valid.)

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