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Give To The EAA Founders' Wing

The Founders' Wing has many giving opportunities. Gifts of all levels will be mentioned in the permanently exhibited Founders' Wing Log Book, sharing their commitment to pass on the culture that will motivate and inspire the next generation.

Donors of $10 and above will be acknowledged in perpetuity in the Founders’ Wing Log Book and contribute to the preservation of EAA’s heritage.

Donors of $500 will be recognized in the Founders' Wing Log Book and receive a Founders' Wing patch.

Donors of $1,000 will be invited to place a brick on the Founders’ Wing Wall, recognizing their commitment to preserving the culture in a way that will make sure it won’t be forgotten.

Donors of $5,000 will be invited to place a brick on the Founders’ Wing Wall and will receive a specially selected fabric Eisenhower flight jacket.

Supporters at the $10,000 and above level become distinguished members of the EAA Founders’ Wing. They will be recognized as part of an elite group of individuals with a special designation on their brick on the Founder’s Wing Wall. In addition, they will also receive an exclusive Founders’ Wing commemorative jacket.

Donors of $25,000 will have the opportunity to also name one of the kiosk areas located on the Mezzanine, sharing EAA’s history and culture with visitors.

Donors of $50,000 will have the opportunity to name one of four exhibit areas on the mezzanine that detail aspects of EAA’s culture such as innovation, volunteerism, family focus and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We have all been a part of EAA’s growth – and we have all been a part of the emerging culture that defines our organization. We can all be a part of its preservation long into the future. Consider adding to EAA's legacy and heritage by making a contribution to the Founders' Wing.

Donations and support of all levels are welcome! Your support of a tax-deductible, restricted gift as either a pledge or an outright donation will ensure that EAA's history and culture are preserved and shared with future generations - that our core values and our story remain alive in each of our members.

EAA's roots are based in all members doing what they can for the betterment of the organization and aviation. Your support is essential to preserving our past and ensuring our future. Help us tell this story. Help us share this legacy.

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Please send me more information about planned giving and other potentially tax-deductible ways in which I can support EAA’s culture and heritage.
I will consider a bequest in my will naming EAA as a beneficiary. Please contact me.


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