Application for Sport Pilot Instructors to provide Private Pilot Level Training in
Powered Parachute and Weight-Shift-Control Aircraft

The individual applying to EAA for authorization to use FAA Exemption 8828c for flight training and private pilot certificate issuance requirements must:

  1. Be an EAA Member;
  2. Hold an FAA private pilot certificate (or higher) in any category/class;
  3. Be an FAA-certified sport pilot flight instructor with endorsements in the powered parachute or weight-shift-control aircraft - appropriate for the flight training to be taught.

Applicant Information

*required fields  

 *I certify that I have read FAA Exemption 8828c and understand my requirements for issuing private pilot powered parachute and weight-shift-control certificates. 


*First Name:

Middle Initial:

*Last Name:




*Postal Code:




*EAA #:

*FAA Flight Instructor Certificate #:

*FAA Private Pilot Certificate #:


*I certify that I hold the following Sport Pilot instructor authorizations:

Powered Parachute privileges: Yes  No
Weight-Shift-Control privileges: Yes  No

I will allow EAA to publish my name, city, state, phone number, and that I hold this exemption as part of an EAA database of Sport Pilot flight instructors.
Do not publish my information.


After confirming the EAA membership, pilot certificate and instructor certificate information, EAA will e-mail you FAA Exemption No. 8828c plus the EAA authorization to use it.

NOTE:  If you have elected to block public viewing access of your pilot information on the FAA Airmen Registry web database, please e-mail a copy of your pilot certificates to Timm Bogenhagen,, to satisfy EAA's confirmation requirements.